Montag, 2. März 2009

What is "copy con"?

Well, I am getting old, and so I undergo a lot of hassle with computers.

One of those was when something (no, it was not me ;-) ) crashed your ms-dos config.sys file (for those who remember) which you had no backup of ... as usual.

Once, due to the absence of any working editor, I had to use "copy con" to recreate this file.

copy con: config.sys
allowed me to copy the CONsole input to a new config.sys.

Care had to be taken taken to enter everthing correct the first time, else you had to start over as there was no way to edit previously entered lines.

Thas was fun!

BTW: This still works even with Windows 2008, for sure, no config.sys, but try
copy con: blog.txt
- and enter some text. (To stop editing you have to press "Ctrl-Z" and Enter)

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